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Innovación pedagógica Coas

1-. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

In Ayalde we try to take advantage of the numerous possibilities that the information and communication technologies have to offer - multimedia resources, the Internet, etc.- not only to teach digitally our students, but as a effective tool to ease the learning processes.

The ICTs are an essential element to get informed, learn and to communicate, since with its vertiginous development it is affecting all the fields in society, not being education an exception.

Computer room

We have computer rooms which are used to work with computers resources in the different subjects of the curriculum. These rooms have enough computers to work individually.

In the same way, we have digital boards in the classrooms to ease the learning and the motivation of the student body.


iPad Project

In the 2014-2015 school year we introduced in the 4º grade of Secondary the iPad as a tool. The incorporation of this device to the educational project, gets to boost more and in a better way the learning to learn and secures the digital competence. For it, the faculty was trained the last year. Since lessons started with this device, there have been workshops for parents to be aligned in the same training their children have received.

The ICT coordinator for COAS and teacher for Ayalde and Munabe is Apple Distinguished Educator since 2011, and the consultant Apple Professional Development since 2012.


Communications with the families

We have designed a series of online services which ease the paperwork and communication with the families:

● Email deliveries: We have a comfortable delivery service of information via electronic mail.
● Educational blogs: The school presents to the families various blogs with interesting information about educational innovation, early learning, Sontushijos and the activities organized by the didactic departments.

The webpage  is an interesting webpage in which the teachers from COAS schools and other professionals publish articles of great utility for the education of children.


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2-. Early Learning

This term, coined by the neuropsychology, consist in stimulating the inborn talent of children for learning easily, bearing in mind the different sensitive and cognitive periods.

This way, the variations of the first feelings or experiences are transformed into stimuli in the brain organization. One thing is clear: there is no development without stimuli, and the optimal development is achieved with the correct stimulation.

Our method is based in programs specifically designed to boost the natural development of the child.

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Ever since 2001 we have been incorporating into our educational projects methodologies which add value to the current education: the project Zero of the University of Harvard and the Thinking Based Learning of the National Center for Teaching Thinking of Boston.

A correct thinking is fundamental to understand and face the challenge of living in a multicultural and technology-orientated world.

Our major aim of the incorporation of these projects in our programs is to refine the thinking abilities of the students in any subject or field of the curriculum to help them to think more and better, and, therefore, to make more worthwhile the teaching-learning process guided by the faculty.

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