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Teacher are not only knowledge transmitters but educators. Their main task is to make the educational project come true: stipulate the curriculum, and guide and orientate the learnings towards the achievement of curricular goals and competences, while helping the students in all the facets of their personality, respecting always their uniqueness. Another common task is to inform and orientate each student's parents.

1- Personal Tutors

The main objective of the personal tutor is to help to develop personally the academic, intellectual, human and christian training of each student. In order to do so, each student has an assigned personal tutor who can help her to plan specific objectives matching her individual capacity, age and circumstances.

This objectives are developed with the agreement and collaboration of the parents, who we consider the principal educators of our students. Therefore, we establish with them a plan of topics and goals to work during the year, trying to match the school's and family's criteria.

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2- Group Tutor

The group tutor coordinates the educative action received by the students of the class which has been assigned to her, and in which she teaches one or more subjects.

Her principal tasks are the followings:
● To unite the teaching activity of the teachers who teach in her class, to direct the evaluation session and to keep an eye on the academic performance of all her students.
● To manage the implementation of the teaching methods and to provide the tutors with the necessary information for the good development of their task.
● To take responsibility of the coexistence and discipline of her group of students, so her year lives in an atmosphere of respect, collaboration, work, discipline and kind comradeship.
● To direct the informative sessions and other activities for her students' parents.

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The Technic Intercollegiate Teams (TIT)

These are work groups formed by the department headmasters of each school and the Pedagogic Department of COAS, where experiences and material of the educational innovation field are shared with a co-working spirit.

Its main objective is to unify the criteria to develop new educational paths marked by the CC.AA Education Department, for which it is fundamental the pedagogic renovation and permanent training.

Another of its objectives, as a result of the co-working, is the definition and adaptation of the best educational practices.

In some of these TITs we count with the participation of our pedagogic advisors. Since the 2012-2013 school year these meetings are held through videoconferences to optimize the participants' time and tools.


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