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Innovación pedagógica Coas

1-. The importance of parents

Ayalde was born as the result of an initiative and wish of some parents who wanted for their children a school of specific characteristics, one of which was to be greatly expressed in the ideology and educational project of the school the values thought by Saint Josemaría Escrivá to the first parents.

In our school parents have a great importance as we conceive that it is only possible to achieve a quality education when the family and the school share the same values and educational principles, and when everyone understand its role and tries to execute it with efficiency and generosity.

The coordination - indispensable between the school and family - is obtained due to a close relation with your child's tutor, who you can always contact when you wish to do so or by a petition of herself.

The participation of parents in the school is encouraged by the different associations (The Students' of Moms and Dads Association, and The In-Charge-Of-The-School-Year Matrimonies) with the aim of supporting and collaborating jointly with the educational project of the school, and to help each others to be the protagonists of your children's education.

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2-. Faculty training

The current educational context demands the combination of new methodologies with previous successful didactic practices, with the purpose of making the contents of the curriculum significants and useful for the students. This requires the faculty to renew its pedagogic knowledge in the light of innovative suggestions which give a bigger prominence to the students as active subjects of their teaching.

In COAS we are fully aware that a bigger and better training of our teachers will result in a better teaching to our students, and in the greater achievement of excellence. Therefore, our group organizes an annual training plan for the faculty of each school. This plan includes all the contents of the curriculum. Likewise, once a year, it is organized a training session for the over 350 teachers, whose objective is for COAS teachers to meet to share didactic experiences and to promote a co-working atmosphere.


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3-. Personalized education

In our schools our students deserve a constant attention, a personalized treatment, and an appropriate tracking of both their school performance and integration in the school life, respecting always their personal freedom. This is something that tells us greatly apart from the other schools in our area.

This is how in Ayalde the character of the tutor is born: a teacher who assumes the responsibility to help the parents in the education of each kid, keeping a collaborative attitude and never a substitute one. The tutor assists the student in her school performance providing advice and motivation. She is the person who day to day encourages her to maintain a positive and overcoming attitude, helping her this way to shape a strong, free and balanced personality.

To develop with effectiveness this task, the tutor has a special training and time, but she also counts on the commitment of the family. The permanent and sincere dialogue characterizes the communicative relation among the parents, the students and the tutor. Keeping a close collaboration between the family and the school it is possible to detect from the start potential problems and to treat them correctly.

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4- Single Sex education

The pedagogic model adopted by Ayalde is the single sex education -with the exception of pre-school-, guaranteeing the same professional qualification for all the faculty and the same educational objectives and physical means.

This educational option is one of the bases on which the educational project of COAS is built, and therefore, the identity of our school. Since the first schools were thought of, this pedagogic system was opted to educate our students since -departing from the equality of boys and girls in their rights and tasks, dignity and capacities- it recognizes, nevertheless, the innate differences of each sex, and takes advantage of them to optimize its possibilities and to guarantee and equality of chances.

We are utterly convinced that only by recognizing and giving an appropriate treatment to the differences between men and women it can be obtained the equality between both sex. To disregard the differences provokes discrimination, turning them into limits and obstacles. To appreciate the differences helps the equality, overcoming the stereotypes.

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5- Pedagogic innovation

The educational group COAS is strongly compromised with the development of innovative solutions to the current educational challenges.

It is known that innovations bring novelty and that this has to be canalized to produce improvement. If we can adapt effectively to the challenges which strive from the new education, it is thanks to the work of the Pedagogic Department of the Educational Group COAS - formed by the didactic departments, the technic assistant managers and the pedagogic coordinator- who, by constantly observating, have been integrating methodologies and innovative resources in its curricular project.

Furthermore, we count on the continuos advice of prestigious experts in pedagogy, neurology, languages, maths, human rights, theology, and the information and communication technologies from different teaching centers worldwide. We highlight Harvard University, the National Center for Teaching Thinking of Boston, the University of Navarra, the International University of La Rioja, the Clinic Institute for Child Development of Barcelona, the University Center of Villanueva, the Teaching School of the University of Deusto, the British Council, the French Embassy and APPLE.

The main fields in which we apply innovation are:
1-. Innovation in the study plans where the objective is the teaching of the student in all its dimensions as a whole: knowledge, abilities, qualities and values.
2-. Innovation in the educational process, this is, the process of learning, process of teaching, faculty training, resources and materials.
3-. Innovation in the information and communication technologies and its application in the teaching process.

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