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Our Story

Lessons started the 18th of September, 1972 in Ayalde. The old weave located in the neighborhood of Aiarza had been dismantled the previous year to host the first pillars of the school. Around three hundred students distributed in eight levels - two of preschool and six of elementary school- started their education at that time.

This project started to be accomplished thanks to a group of promoters parents formed by Pedro Rodríguez Sahagún, Javier Acha, Fernando Mendieta, Emilio Clarés, Fernando Poole y Juanjo Alonso. In the front page of the first ever elaborated brochure to promote the school among the families it can be read: "Ayalde, a parents business". This link - that still exists today- was a distinctive sign of the school.

The school started with just one building, currently the Elementary School one. It was designed by the architect José Chapa, father of the students Asunta Chapa. It hold the classrooms, the Oratory and the teachers' rooms. When the school year started the building was yet to be finished, there were no stairways but ramps, and the buildings were completed throughout the year.

A lot of the old students remember with hindsight how they had sandwiches for lunch in the playground because the canteen wasn't ready yet. Games were the excuse not to prolong lunch too much. The oldest students - the ones in 6th grade- helped the younger ones to fulfill quickly and well the lunch ritual. Once finished with the sandwiches, packages were thrown into the trashcans.
Desks arrived within a few days. Students from that year remember sitting down in the red chairs which were then moved to the canteen. Despite some lacks, all of them were happy since in those years the students felt like a family. There was only one class per level, reason why the school knew itself - students, teachers, office managers, Emilio -who was in charge of maintenance-, the first cooks Conchi and Rufi...

Teachers wore an uniform. It was composed of a gray skirt, white shirt and a v-neck or a jacket colored blue and with the emblem of Ayalde, an emblem we all felt proud of. Teachers were young and not many, and among them it was also noticeable that familiar relation. In summer, before starting the school year, they all met in a retreat in Madrid where they were told the ideology, the educational project and how pioneer the school was going to be: a secular school where the Christian education had a great importance.

The first headteacher was Clotilde Berjillos. After her came Montse Figa- who will join this 40 anniversary celebration from Heaven-, Ana Ledesma, Sabina Domínguez, Magdalena Castellanos, Emma López and Itxaro Sorozabal. All of them knew how to follow the star of our emblem, being loyal to the spirit with which the school was created, and to avoid the furiousness of the waves, sometimes haughty, carrying the school to a safe port.

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