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How we are

1-. Ayalde shares with the rest of the COAS schools the same educational model and offer, as well as the same pedagogic tools adapting them according to the context and its own characteristics.

2-. Our school, with initiative and responsibility, incorporates to its educational programs the cultural values of the Basque Country.

3-. The management of our school and its educational project its orientated towards the service to the family and, therefore, to society.

4-. We believe the best well-rounded education that exists is based in the Christian values. Activities of religious education and the spiritual attention receive are always voluntary.

5-. We impart a personalized education: each students is unique for us.

6-. We consider part of the success of our pedagogic model to be found in the single sex education: schools for girls and boys that share the same educational project but that chose a singular treatment, with the aim of compensating the natural differences of each sex.

7-. The excellence and innovation in education is a permanent aim in our educational group. Therefore, we have been collaborating for decades with universities and national and international prestige centers such as Harvard University, the National Center for Teaching Thinking of Boston, Navarra University, International University of La Rioja, Barcelona Medicine Institute for Child Development, Universidad Complutense affiliated University Center of Villanueva, Deusto University's Teaching School, the British Council and the cultural office of attaché of the French Embassy, and APPLE.

8-. Following its fundamental will, Ayalde demanded the Prelature of the Opus Dei the nomination of the priests and religion teachers. The spirituality promoted by the Opus Dei is in perfect tune with the educational project of the school: it is taught that a well done work is a way of achieving personal satisfaction and contributing to society.

9-. The ownership of our schools correspond to entities which are juridically non-profit societies and who have as a social objective the teaching in all stages. The administration organs of these societies delegate the paperwork of each society to the Executive Commission of the Educational Group COAS.

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