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Innovación pedagógica Coas

1- trilingualism

The educational group COAS schools have been applying since the beginning of the 1990s an ambitious teaching project: the learning of languages, being pioneers in the implantation of this model in the Basque Country. Our project was recognized by the Education Department of the Basque Government as a project on Singular Innovation in 2000.

This trilingual plan is structured in the following way:

Our one-and-two-years-old students have a complete immersion in English and Basque, teaching half the day in each language.

The students from the second stage of pre-school to Secondary have an immersion in English, Basque and Spanish. These languages are used throughout the day in the different classes, being one third of the day in each language.

The presence of French is growing. In Elementary there is the option to learn the language through curricular contents during extracurricular hours, and in Secondary this option becomes an optative subject. The 60% of the student body chooses this option.

In addition, Ayalde, as an accredited school by the University of Cambridge, also offers a program of external exams, whose function is to measure the contents acquired by the students and the obtention of the corresponding official certificates in English in the different levels. In the case of the French language this occurs as well. The school examines of the DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) and it is accredited by the Education Ministry of the French Government as an examiner school.

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In education transmitting just knowledge is not enough, but it is essential for the teachers to provide the students with the tools to acquire the necessary abilities to manage the contents.

From Ayalde we try to provide the student with a well-rounded education through innovative didactic methodologies who allow her to develop in a personal, professional and social scope.

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3- Habits and Coexistence Training

Right from pre-school we start to educate our students in the acquisition of personal habits and values, and for the coexistence of all. Pre-school education is the perfect stage for the acquisition of habits by the student since they are in a very receptive period, perfect to interiorize what they are thought.

In following stages we help the students to transform those habits in human virtues, such as the generosity, friendship, compromise, painstaking and responsibility.

The plans of equality that cover from the first school years to Baccalaureate train the students in the knowledge and respect towards the other sex, as well as in the equal concept with the other sex in all their tasks and responsibilities (socials, domestics, etc.)

The coexistence plans on the school, in which teachers and students take part, promote the action lines towards the achievement of a responsible behavior in the school. This contributes to the training of our student body in the social-civic competences.

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4-. Spiritual Instruction

The school has a Christian identity based on the teaching of the Catholic Church, who promotes a coherent union between the faith, the thinking and life.

Inside its purely civic legal frame, without being a center of the Catholic Church and with great respect towards the freedom of the consciences, it is promoted among the students' parents, the teachers, the non-teaching staff, the students, and the old students the knowledge and the practice of the Christian faith and morality, according to the teaching of the Church and the principle of willfulness.

The doctrinal teaching is in hands of the Religion Teachers and of the priests, whose nomination is requested to the Opus Dei. The religious teaching imparted in the school is adjusted to the guidelines of the Spanish Episcopal Conference for the programs of the subject of Religion.

The school community can go to the spiritual attention provided by the school chaplaincy anytime wished.

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5-. Excellence Program

The university program Excellence is a training program which issues from the collaboration between the educational group COAS and the University of Navarra, and whose main objective is the improvement of the education of the participant students through these five lines:

1-. Acquire the intellectual maturity necessary for university studies.
2-. Promote the academic, personal and professional excellence.
3-. Develop a human vision of the social, scientific and technological aspects of life.
4-. Develop habits of intellectual rigour, dialogue and argumentation.
5-. Be able to understand the complex and changing situation of the contemporary world and acquire a firm compromise with the improvement of society.

Furthermore, in Ayalde we count on a advisory council formed by people of recognized professional and social prestige who enrich and cosign the program we develop with our students.

The duration of the program is of two school years and it is structured in four areas: university and professional competences, themed contents, university orientation, and solidarity and service.

The University implies itself in the development of some of the activities and in the academic direction of the program. With an academic committee, formed by teachers of different disciplines, the schools are advised and the proposed programs are cosigned.

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